How do I use Bear IQ?

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Bear IQ is an intuitive and powerful event intelligence platform designed to help you make informed decisions and optimize your events for success. In this article, we will guide you through the basics of using Bear IQ and how to leverage its features to boost your event management strategy.

Getting Started with Bear IQ

  • Connect Bear IQ with your event registration, management, and marketing systems.
  • Bear IQ seamlessly integrates with a wide range of platforms, centralizing your event data for easy analysis.

Navigating the Interface

Bear IQ's user-friendly interface allows you to quickly sort, filter, and find the answers to your questions. The platform's dashboard presents your event data in a clear and organized manner, making it easy to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Sorting and Filtering Data

One of the key features of Bear IQ is its powerful sorting and filtering capabilities.

  • Easily sort your event data by various criteria, such as date, location, or attendance.
  • Use filters to narrow down your data, focusing on specific aspects of your event, such as attendee demographics or session popularity.

Example workflow: To analyze the demographics of attendees at a specific event, you can apply filters to focus on factors like age, gender, and geographical location. This will help you tailor your event marketing and content to better serve your target audience.

Accessing Predictive Analytics and Automated Insights

Bear IQ's suite of predictive analytics and automated insights empowers you to make data-driven decisions.

  • Leverage the platform's machine learning algorithms to identify patterns and trends in your event data.
  • Use valuable insights and recommendations to refine your event strategy and boost attendance, engagement, and revenue.

Example workflow: If Bear IQ identifies a trend of increased engagement during certain time slots, you can schedule your most popular sessions during these peak times to maximize attendee satisfaction.

Training and Analytical Services

To help you get the most out of Bear IQ, Bear Analytics offers training and analytical services.

  • Access hands-on training to effectively use the platform and drive your event strategy.
  • Benefit from expert analysis of your event data to identify opportunities for growth and improvement.

Example workflow: After attending a Bear Analytics training session, your team can utilize advanced features of the platform to create custom reports, analyze attendee behavior, and optimize event content.


Using Bear IQ is a simple and efficient way to harness the power of your event data. With its user-friendly interface, point-and-click functionality, and robust analytical features, Bear IQ enables you to make informed decisions that drive event success. By leveraging the platform's capabilities and taking advantage of the training and analytical services offered by Bear Analytics, you can elevate your event management strategy and achieve impressive results.

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